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22 Sep 2016: With a twinge of sadness, but also excitement to see our friends and family, we left the Valley today to head back up to Seattle! Yesterday was our last planned climbing day, but due to unexpected rain, we ended up in the village enjoying the last bit of this interesting culture while we could. Lots of driving ahead, but everyone is happy and healthy! Thanks to all who made this trip as successful as it was!

21 Sep 2016: The Valley has been getting hot, so we spent Tuesday in Tuolumne topping out on Stately Pleasure Dome. The view from the top was all-inclusive, with Tenaya Lake at the base and Half Dome hazy in the distance. Due to an overturned gravel trailer on Monday, (in which no one was hurt) the road into the Valley was closed, so we had it and its cool tunnels all to ourselves after we climbed on the cliffs below.

21 Sep 2016: Climbing Cathedral Peak this weekend in Tuolumne meadows made for a long day, so we rested and got ready for our last few days here in the Valley.

19 Sep 2016: Yosemite is a very cool place, but today it was very hot so we just top roped. We have been climbing the classics, meeting awesome people and making some really good food. I can defiantly say I am going to spend a lot more time in Yosemite. It is super awesome, but I really miss my people at home.

16 Sep 2016: 350ft up and a beautiful day we climbed "the regular route" everyone climbing strong and as usual lots of laughing. Today we will climb another multi pitch route and attempt to get back to camp a little earlier to wake up again for another full day of climbing!

14 Sep 2016: Great day of climbing! Got a few routes in, with some time to relax. The views here never get old. 
We started off the day with half the group on a famous multi pitch called the Grack, while the other half climbed a route called Harry Daley, then we did some switching around so each group could try the other route. After a huge pot of pho for dinner, we're charging our phones and happily heading for bed.

13 Sep 2016: In awe of climbers high on El Cap while scouting climbs around the Valley this afternoon. AM climbing and PM rest make for a good day in Yosemite.

12 Sep 2016: First day of climbing consisted of lots of route-finding, pictures, and tons of laughter. We are all so stoked!

11 Sep 2016: After another long day of driving, we've arrived in Yosemite Valley! When we finally rounded the corner that brought El Capitan into view, it was like kids going to Disneyland for the first time- we were so excited. We can still hardly believe we're here. Tomorrows goal is to get on the rock for the first time to complete an easier route, and to start getting to know the park.

10 Sep 2016: The Yosemite Team is off! Look for updates every couple days (or when we have service) for pics and posts over our two week trip!