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We maintain that being out in the world is the only way to find our place in it. To this end, our youth and advisors are constantly planning new adventures. By being constantly in motion, Cascade Challenge is able to offer exciting experiences for both our experienced adventure travelers and our brand new members.

CLC is designed to grow — new members are always welcome. Throughout the year we have trips suited for beginners. As youth gain skills and experience, they start joining our more gnarly adventures.

Our age range for new members is 14–20, plus adults who have the drive and desire to work with teenagers. Since our membership is coed, so is our leadership. CLC emphasizes gender equity in everything we do, so each trip has male and female adult and youth leaders.


Safety is our first priority. We carefully select activities, locations and weather conditions to match the skills and experience of crew members. Also, our leaders are trained in first aid, Leave No Trace travel, working with teenagers and the specific activities of a specific trip.

But being safe out in the world is different from being safe by staying home. To learn to be actively safe, one needs to learn to responsibly engage rish. This takes skill and experience, which can be developed through action, not just observation.


CLC engages youth in meaningful and responsible outdoor adventures. Teenagers with any level of experience find they are welcome and having fun on their first day with CLC.

If you attend high school in the Seattle area, check CLC out by going on a trip with us. We provide all the training you need to be guiding rivers and summiting volcaneos in your first year.


Cascade Challenge trips and expeditions are led by highly experienced volunteers. Parents can be among those volunteers, developing the same skills and abilities as their teenagers, keeping up with CLC news and bringing family, friends and colleagues to CLC fundraisers.


Everyone has something to offer a teen. Teenagers are at a volatile time in their lives and our youth are no exception. Balancing adventure, education, social and home life is a challenge in itself, but facing challenges is what teens do best. They are resourceful and resilient, able to see things that adults can't. Despite this, they need strong adult role models and that's where you come in.

Adults who join CLC in support roles, such as transportation, fundraising, administration and organization, find themselves working with other interesting folks, all working to support kids do things that are always inspirational and sometimes mind-blowing.